I’ve lived by the sea all my life, apart from a couple years spent in South Africa, five months spent in Bangkok and the past year in Surrey. It feels quite unnatural to be away from the seaside. I miss the feeling of space and vastness. My hometown Helsinki is surrounded by the Baltic sea on almost all sides, and the sound of seagulls always makes me feel at home.

This spring I’ve been doing little road trips to the British Atlantic coastline almost every weekend, from the South coast to Cornwall. Here are some of the outcomes from my latest rolls of film.


All photos shot with Leica R4, 35mm


With Nefarious crew we always get up to a lot of stuff and I think everyone in the crew feels the same that this thing has made life a whole lot radder. A while ago I wrote a post about our day of shooting with Timberwolf for street wear brand Terrible Movement‘s KNGLxTRRBL collection promo video. Since then a lot of good stuff has happened including a new logo and two of our members Rae and Rachael spending an Indiegogo-funded month teaching skateboarding in Palestine with SkatePAL (you can read all about it here in Rae’s blog), and of course a ton of new tricks that everyone has learned and all the sweet hangs. And I’m stoked to say that at last the finished KNGLxTRRBL video has been released – scroll down to see it and feel our vibes!13062279_1071500259540198_3448881847444834372_n

“We’re making it okay to be teenage boys in your 20s and 30s.”


“It’s like an undercurrent of general radness.”


“I think we’re just like overgrown cartoon characters.”


“We’re friends because we love each other and we love skateboarding, and as long as we just keep doing that I think we’ll be okay.”

CNV00018Thanks so much to Timberwolf and Terrible Movement for getting us involved in this project and to all my girls for being the baddest, raddest breddas!

KNGL x TRRBLMVMNT Presents NEFARIOUS from Timberwolf on Vimeo.

One cloudy day in Cali

Earlier this winter I had the pleasure of going on a week long trip to San Diego, California for work. In my childhood I spent a year in California and it has always remained like a dreamland in my memories. I never stopped missing the proximity of the ocean and the sunny and laid-back Cali lifestyle after I returned home. Even for a short, work-packed visit like this, I was stoked to go back and enjoy the remotely familiar surroundings. Of course I took advantage of the first chance I got to get away from the meeting rooms and sneak off to the beach.

I shot these few images on black and white Ilford film and ended up with an interesting grainy offset texture. Even though it was a bit of a challenge to get these developed, I think I will be experimenting more with black and white film going forward. What do you think? CCF19022016_0005CCF19022016_0004CCF19022016_0002CCF19022016_0001CCF19022016_0006CCF19022016_0007All photos shot with Leica R4, 35 mm B&W

Suvilahti DIY

You know those places that are not just a part of your city, but make it? It’s the places that give a town its personality, it’s vibe, and make it unique so that nowhere in the world can you find a place that’s alike. The kind of place where you wanna take your foreign friends to visit and tell them this is your home town. One of those places in Helsinki for any skateboarder at least is Suvilahti DIY.

The park was built in 2011 by local skaters who didn’t yet have the kind of concrete park that they were craving for. The city gave a 900 sq metre plot of land to use and the volunteers started building. The park has formed to the shape it is today during the past 6 years, but it’t not yet finished.
CNV00025CNV00024CNV00023CNV00028It was a sunny day when we packed our skateboards, BBQ gear and veggies and headed to the DIY. First BBQ of the season, ahhhh! After a little skate we set up our things in a sort of ghetto grill built into the backside of a quarter. Sun was shining, reggae was playing and veggies & soy sausages were on the grill – it was easy to pretend it was a summer day in early April.CNV00026CNV00029CNV00030CNV00031CNV00032The park is under threat of being demolished in the coming years as more and more housing is being built around it. All good things come to an end so maybe this will too eventually. I hope it doesn’t though, and so do many others. Despite the threat, the Finnish skateboarding society has set up a crowd-funding campaign to raise money to continue building the park. The money raised will be used to build a concrete bowl and finish other aspects of the park to bring it to it’s final glory – a better, more versatile park for all skaters.CNV00035The Mesenaatti campaign is up for 8 more days. You can support the cause here.

All photos shot with Leica R4, 35mm

Meanwhile in Finland

I made a visit to the homeland a couple weeks ago – spring time at its best. The one thing about Finns is that we are so used to horrible weather that the moment we actually have some nice weather we really know how to make the most of it. It’s like the whole nation’s collective mentality changes with a bit of sunshine.

There was still some snow on the ground but we decided to go and try our luck at a skate park in Siilitie. We ended up having to dig half the park from under snow with a broken deck, a tiny plastic shovel and some sticks as our tools. Just a tad laborous, but what wouldn’t you do for a little skate! Glad we brought beers.
CNV00004CNV00011After a good hour of work the park was relatively clear of snow. Even though the concrete was pretty wet from all the snow we managed to have a fun session in the sunshine. CNV00005CNV00007CNV00009It’s not so often that you associate skateboarding with a snowy landscape in the background. But hey, this is almost summer for us Finns, right?CNV00015CNV00016CNV00017What did I tell you about Finns and nice weather? If this picture doesn’t convince you I don’t know what will. Never seen a happier guy!CNV00019CNV00020

All photos shot with Leica R4, 35mm

Shanti life

Truth comes only to the rebellious.

I spent a blissful three weeks in Sri Lanka with my love. No hurry, no responsibilities, no computer, no jeans. Just surfing, coconuts, palm trees, sea shells, sunrises, sunsets, friends, moped rides, morning yoga sessions, tanned skin, sweaty days and blue skies and seas. This is my idea of happiness.CCF19022016_0016CNV00031CNV00027CNV00024CNV00034CNV00032CNV00030CNV00011CNV00008CNV00003CNV00023CCF19022016_0021CNV00033CNV00028CNV00007CNV00009CNV00024CNV00016CCF19022016_0020CCF19022016_0019CNV00019CNV00022CNV00020CNV00021CNV00017CNV00023CCF19022016_0012CCF19022016_0017CNV00012CCF19022016_0014CCF19022016_0013

All photos 35mm

Video © Ilu Peltomäki